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  • Takehara


    Takehara, which means “bamboo field”, was known for its salt flats Up to the Second World War. Since it had salt to sell, the city’s merchants have flourished since the Edo period due to its salt production and connected activities. Part of the town has been preserved and the streets still appear as they were […]

  • Things To Do In Fukuyama

    Things To Do In Fukuyama

    Fukuyama is a middle city of Bingo and has flourished as a castle town since old times. Many people visit the Fukuyama Castle Park in the center of this city, which is famous for cherry blossoms. The big “Fukuyama Rose Festival” is held in May based on the “Rose Park”. Tomonoura which has flourished as […]

  • Things To Do In Onomichi

    Things To Do In Onomichi

    Onomichi is a pleasant town on the Seto Inland Sea, one of many in the Chugoku region. Defined by the Onomichi Channel – a narrow strip of water that runs between the main island of Honshu and Mukaishima in the inland sea – and steeped in more than a millennium of history, it offers travelers […]

  • Things To Do In Hiroshima

    Things To Do In Hiroshima

    Hiroshima offers a wealth of activities, sites, and opportunities for foreign tourists to learn about the cultural and historical dimensions of Japan. Easily the most famous city in western Japan, Hiroshima not only has a lot to offer in and of itself but can act as a hub for travel throughout the entire region. Access […]

  • 7 Must See Places Around Hiroshima Bay

    7 Must See Places Around Hiroshima Bay

    If you stand on the roof of Hiroshima’s high building, no matter which way you look you’ll see mountains. In the south, you can see Miyajima and Etajima, famous for mikan tangerines, among many mountainous islands. The three cities defining Hiroshima Bay – Iwakuni, Hiroshima, and Kure – form a long and shallow north-south triangle […]

  • Mihara City

    Mihara City

    A  castle town built near the sea where you can visit old shrines and temples, explore the scenic nature and beauty, and enjoy the local cuisine The ruins of Mihara Castle which Takakage Kobayakawa had built in the Sengoku period became the center of this town now. There are magnificent stone walls of the castle […]

  • Hiroshima: The Place For Oyster Lovers

    Hiroshima: The Place For Oyster Lovers

    Look at the map of the Seto Inland Sea. It is an enclosed body of water、like America’s Chesapeake Bay. Unlike the Chesapeake, however, it is clustered with more than a thousand islands and islets. Hiroshima Bay, like Norfolk, is the fecund birthplace of the nationally famous Hiroshima Oysters. The general rule is, “Only eat raw […]