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Dramatic Cliffs, Beaches and Hot springs In Nagato

Forty minutes away from Hagi is Nagato, a small fishing town with spectacular scenery. While there are some historical spots to be seen for the truly dedicated Japanophile, most people will want to go to Nagato for three things: hot springs, beaches, and breathtaking seaside cliffs.

A spectacular view of the cliffs seen from a sightseeing boat near Nagato

A spectacular view of the cliffs near Nagato

Nagato city is located in the northern area of Yamaguchi Prefecture and is endowed with the nature of the sea and mountains. Omijima with the towering cliff and strange rocks on the blue sea.

Yumoto hot spring and Tawarayama hot spring known as therapeutic baths from a long time ago are located in the mountain area. In Senzaki where Misuzu Kaneko, a poet of children’s songs was born and grew up, you can see her sensitivity in the ‘Misuzu Kaneko Museum’ in the restored condition of her house and on the ‘Misuzu Kaneko’ street.

Omijima Sightseeing Boat

Nami no Hashidate Blue Sea and Tour Boat on Omi Island

Nami no Hashidate Blue Sea and Tour Boat on Omi Island

Omijima island is called “The Alps on the sea”. This name was given for its representative view of Kitanagato-Kaigan Quasi-National Park. The view of Omijima island from the cruise ship has the manlike natural beauty created by the wild waves of the Sea of Japan, with a great view of bluffs, caves dates, and stone.

Aerial photograph of northwestern Omi Island

Aerial photograph of northwestern Omi Island

When you get to Nagatoshi station, get a brochure from the station master that shows the boat tours. (Say, “Kurooz o shitai desu kedo.”) On the back of the brochure will be a list of times. While the specific tours change depending on the season, day, and time of day (you might get a cave tour or the sunset cruise), all of them are worth the price.

The “once around” tour, one of the longest, lasts a very manageable 1 hour and 30 minutes from start to finish and is worth the price of \2200. So just give the brochure to a taxi driver (who will be waiting at the station), use your one Japanese sentence and sit back.

Oumijima Kanko Ship Pink Cetus

Oumijima Kanko Ship Pink Cetus

He’ll take you to the dock where you can buy a ticket to go on the boat. If you’re early for the tour it’s not a problem; you can browse among several shops that are in the shopping square next to the dock or get a bite to eat.

Kaneko Misuzu Museum

“Kaneko Misuzu Museum” consists of a memorial house, rest house, and Kaneko-buneido, which is a wooden hall and was restored to its original condition.

In the memorial house, the display room, cosmos corridor, and search room are established, and in Kaneko-buneido, the room and garden in which Misuzu grow up are exhibited.

Also displayed valuable materials at the heart of her work revival, such as “Three posthumous miscellanies”, “Materials related to clothing and magazines of her days” and “Restoration of the autograph draft”.

You can search for the complete works of Misuzu and memory keepers for the fan of Misuzu.

Whale Museum

Whale Replica In Nagato City

Whale Replica In Nagato City

Information related to ancient-style whale hunting is preserved and displayed here. The whale hunting equipment, which is designated as an important tangible folk-cultural property provides a sense of our deep relation to the whale.

Also, in “Seigetsuan” located in the center of the village is “Kujirahaka” (tomb of whales), which is for consoling the fetuses of whales.

Yuyawan Bay Hot Spring

This spring, which has a simple quality, is located on the hill of the remotest area of Yuyawan bay where verdant islands are scattered.

The view from this area is excellent and you can enjoy bathing while viewing the beautiful sunset. This area is also favorable for sea bathing, fishing from the rocks on the shore, seashell digging, birding, and golf.

The picture on this page was taken from the Hotel Yokikan. In Yokikan, you can select colored light cotton Kimono you wear during your stay, and you can stay for 22 hours even if you do not stay as a guest.

Yumoto Onsen Municipal Public Bath (Hot Spring)

Nagato Yumoto Onsen

Nagato Yumoto Onsen

It is said that a resident priest of Taineiji temple, who was believed to have met Sumiyoshi-daimyojin (one of Japanese Gods) while performing ascetic training on the rock, discovered this hot spring in accordance with a prophecy from God.

This hot spring is effective on rheumatism, nerve pains, skin diseases, stomach, and intestinal diseases, and its water consists of simple alkaline.

Modern hotels and old Japanese-style hotels stand along both sides of the Otozuregawa River where visitors can hear the sound of the river flow, its view brings the flavor to the elegant hot spring town.

Kiwado Hot Spring

This spring, which has a simple quality, is discharged in the Cove of Kiwado fishing harbor facing Fukagawa bay in the northwest of Nagato-city.

At the shore on the opposite side, there is a fine place to enjoy the view of Oumijima Island and Senzaki.

Here, you can taste fresh harvests of the sea caught off the Sea of Japan, and many people gather to enjoy sea bathing in summer. Also, when it comes to fishing, this place is convenient as a base for fishing from the rocks on the shore.