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  • Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple

    Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Temple

    The shrine at Mitokusan designated a National Treasure and the oldest such of its kind, isn’t easy to get to and a lot of people won’t want to make the arduous climb to see it close up. But it is still worth the bus trip from Kurayoshi to view it through the (free) binocular telescope […]

  • Things To Do In Tottori

    Things To Do In Tottori

    Tottori City is the capital of the somewhat rural Tottori prefecture which lies in western Japan facing the Japan Sea. It’s most famous for its enormous sand dunes and dramatic coastline. Don’t Forget To: Catch a bus to the Tottori sand dunes and enjoy the magnificent beauty of nature. The ruins of Tottori castle have […]