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  • Samurai Towns

    Samurai Towns

    Perhaps nothing so strongly conjures up images of Japan as the samurai. These ancient warriors, steeped in tradition and fanatically loyal to their masters, held sway in Japan for seven centuries. The highest of the four castes of Japanese citizens, to cross a samurai or impugn him in any way was to invite death. Coming […]

  • Takehara


    Takehara, which means “bamboo field”, was known for its salt flats Up to the Second World War. Since it had salt to sell, the city’s merchants have flourished since the Edo period due to its salt production and connected activities. Part of the town has been preserved and the streets still appear as they were […]

  • Things To Do In Fukuyama

    Things To Do In Fukuyama

    Fukuyama is a middle city of Bingo and has flourished as a castle town since old times. Many people visit the Fukuyama Castle Park in the center of this city, which is famous for cherry blossoms. The big “Fukuyama Rose Festival” is held in May based on the “Rose Park”. Tomonoura which has flourished as […]

  • Things To Do In The Historic Town Of Yanai

    Things To Do In The Historic Town Of Yanai

    Located halfway between the shinkansen stops of Iwakuni and Tokuyama, Yanai is a small mercantile and port city with a long history, some of which is still very well preserved in old Edo-era buildings. The historic section of town is easy to get to. Exit from the station and it’s just a few minute’s walk […]