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  • Onsen Etiquette: The Dos And Don’t Of Bathing In Japan

    Onsen Etiquette: The Dos And Don’t Of Bathing In Japan

    Once you’ve stripped down, take a wash towel (provided) and wrap it around yourself. Japanese towels can be quite small sometimes, so if all else fails just hold it strategically in front of you where it will do the most good. Then you can go into the main bathing room. Once in there, you will […]

  • Samurai Towns

    Samurai Towns

    Perhaps nothing so strongly conjures up images of Japan as the samurai. These ancient warriors, steeped in tradition and fanatically loyal to their masters, held sway in Japan for seven centuries. The highest of the four castes of Japanese citizens, to cross a samurai or impugn him in any way was to invite death. Coming […]

  • Unmissable Gardens Of Western Japan

    Unmissable Gardens Of Western Japan

    Gardens are a delight anywhere, but in the Orient, they have a unique ability to merge both cultural attributes and landscape aesthetics into a pleasing and instructive whole. Western Japan offers a wide variety of gardens to view, many of them nationally renowned. In fact, it’s fair to say that you could make an entire […]

  • Modern Japan

    Modern Japan

    When most westerners think of Japan, the images that come to mind are generally from a bygone era. Samurai and geisha predominate, perhaps along with woodblock prints coming from 19th-century artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige. Certainly, a large part of old Japan lives on in the values and mentality of the country today, but […]

  • Traditional Japanese Crafts

    Traditional Japanese Crafts

    Japan has a long and distinguished history, one of the longest in the world. And arts and crafts have always been a part of that history. (Not many people know it, but some of the oldest pottery artifacts in the world come from Japan? more than 14,000 years old.) If you come to Japan, in […]

  • Useful Words For Traveling Japan

    Useful Words For Traveling Japan

    Arigatou gozaimasu – “Thank you” Densha – “train” Eki – station, as in “Hiroshima station” en – This is a suffix that means “garden”. Kouen is the most commonly used term for garden, but any Japanese word that ends with “-en” will probably mean some sort of garden. Fugu – Blowfish. This is a delicacy […]